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Glue storage

  • Store glue in a temperature less than 25°C & humidity of 40 – 50%

  • After glue is opened, store in a cool and dry place (do not refrigerate)

  • Keep lid tightly closed and glue in an upright position

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  • Functionality will change under different temperature and humidity (higher humidity = quicker dry time)

  • Shake the glue for 1min before use to mix contents thoroughly before administering glue to your glue tray

  • always clean the nozzle & burp glue before restoring glue cap

  • Never let glue touch the skin & remove promptly if you do

  • ensure Client’s eyes remain completely closed through entire application

  • avoid paper & natural fibre tape & eye pads Use lash-specific lint-free under-eye gel patches or medical foam tape

  • Fumes from lash extension adhesives may cause an allergic reaction in certain people & sensitivity can develop over time

  • A Client Information Consent Form should be completed before first lash extension application for every client 

  • A patch test is required before using this product.

  • Patch tests should be performed for all new clients and every time a different adhesive is used for application (different adhesives have different percentages of ingredients)

  • Read instructions on the back of the label before use

  • We advise working in a well-ventilated space

  • Summertime application and more humid climates may require professional dehumidifier to maintain optimum conditions.

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