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Lashari lash shampoo

Lashari lash shampoo



Lashari lash wash is specially designed for cleansing the eye area and eyelash extensions. The rich foam removes make-up, dead skin, dirt and oil from the natural lashes and lash extensions. This deep cleanse promotes better lash health and stronger lash extension retension. 


The gentle moisturising formula is suitable to use daily. 



Pump 1-2 pumps of lash wash onto one eye lid at a time. Using the Lashari brush, gently clean the eyelid and over the lash line in a downward motion for about 1-2 minutes. Please be careful not to brush back and forth across the lash line. 


Rinse the eye gently with water until the foam is gone. Repeat cleansing routine if needed. Avoid using cotton pads or towels to blot your lashes dry. A tissue or air dry is best for your lash babies. Wait 5minutes and then brush with your dry clean masacara wand. 

  • Please contact Lashari By Shari for a quote on customising your very own tried and successfully tested lash shampoo :)

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