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Lash & Brow Growth Serum
  • Lash & Brow Growth Serum


    Finally our long awaited, meticulously tested & positively loved Lashari lash growth serum is here🙌 Our lash serum is a pure herbal formula & most importantly cruelty free! Lashari lash growth serum contains the secret growth pathway EPM enzymes (made up of amino acids). Glycolysis is used by cells in the body for cell generation and energy. Once these aminos group together they form peptides which are like fragments of protein. How amazing is it that this product can stimulate these already natural occurring pathways to positively impact our hair proteins and stimulate lash growth!


    • Paraben and sulfate-free  
    • No artificial fragrances or colours 
    • Lash & Brow safe
    • Safe for use while you have lash extensions - water based (not oil based)
    • Improves sparse, thinning lashes with rich nutrition
    • Brush design delivers perfect amount of serum to the lash line 
    • Careful not to brush onto areas of the body that you do not wish hair to grow (hehe this stuff works)
    • Important:

      • It is important to patch test. Lashari Lash Growth Serum is strong and effective and may not be suited to all skin types especially sensitive
      • For contact lense wearers we advise removing lenses before use and waiting 15mins before application especially if you are using eye drops (in order to not reduce the serum effect)
      • Store the serum away from light and heat (in the fridge is best)
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